Blue n yellow, the bus, honking along
Blue-capped driver, with a brand new song.
Shoe-laces n pigtails; they don’t look bizarre,
Faces with tears or smile, lovely as flower.

Rhymes n drawing n mathematics,
Planting n sculpting with all new tactics.
Picnics in woods with the colored ball,
Cakes n pizzas n chocolates for all.

Choco-chipped eves n lemonade splashed days;
Running n bowling n swimming our ways.
Fleeing the scene of ‘mothers with milk’;
Playing in the sun with heads of silk.

Parks n beaches n trees were pleasure,
Funny, we seem to have forgotten our treasure!
Sand-castles and pixies and the blue-tooth fairy,
Have gone somewhere n left our lives so dreary.

Growing up was fun, grown-ups are not,
The one next to you is liar or a cheating blot.
Silver n golden scintillating were our ways.
If clocks changed ways, I’d be back to school days.

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