Aeon Is Five Days Long

Glassy leaves and glassy snow,
Glass doors and a glass window.
A magical verse, a melodious hymn,
A delicious deluge of feeling upto the brim.
Mysterious, wild, the long gone musical tone,
Helpless, overpowered, all alone….
Fondly fixed eyes, as they stare,
Fragments of heart and soul, all bare.
The thread that floated; silvery blue
Crossed the air, then the glass, through and through,
Each end tied each one; like the descent of Apollo,
They both seemed to glimmer and glow.
Day one, it promised rosy dawn
Innocent, like the glossy eyes of a fawn.
Day two like morning was fresh and bright
Gold and pink, it was all delight!
Day three, the sun at zenith at noon
Rust coloured autumn and the ancient rune.
Day four, aurora, twilight and dusk
Roses, violets all smelt of musk.
Day five showed lustre of a shooting star
More tender than the end of romance or a weeping flower.
But existence ends once night is gone
Because at the end of those five days, it was the end of an Aeon.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sim..wonderful lines put together..Although a lot'f reading between the lines skills needed for the reader ;)..I particularly liked the day four..i know day five is having one'f ur fav wrds - shooting star...
    Hoping more treats like this to come :)