Art on Fabric: A collection in Madhubani

Madhubani art is a form of traditional painting particular to Madhubani, Bihar. History traces it back to the times of Ramayana where the wedding of Lord Rama and Sita was depicted through Madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings were originally done on walls but through evolution they are now found on canvas, cloth and even paper.

Features of madhubani art include the use of organic colours. Generally a Madhubani painting includes images of hindu deities, humans, plants, animals, sun and the moon. It might be an illustration of hopes and dreams or rituals and social events.

Although not a dying art, Madhubani art has not recieved its due from the creative souls of the current times. But its beauty, intricacies and dignity make it unique. Be in on wall or on paper or on fabric, a Madhubani painting, tastefully done is fully capable of breathing life into it's medium and background. Generally done with nibs and following a style where spaces and motifs are neither filled in with shading of colours nor left blank, it looks like a delicate web of lines, shapes and colours. Actually, inside the outline,a particular motif is filled with straight or criss crossed tiny lines drawn with infinite patience of the artist.

My mother, a gifted lady with elegant taste and matchless grace has always been fascinated with the Madhubani form of art. Her talent for impeccable and classy clothes and turnout have been appreciated and envied simultaneously. She has put together a collection of ancient Madhubani on modern chiffons and crepes apart from the more traditional forms of silk like raw silk. She designed some kurtas and saris embellished with Madhubani paintings. The choice of colours, fabric and designs is unique and the effect astoundingly graceful and feminine.

The different types of fabrics are: cotton, linen, kota, raw silk, tassar silk, tassar pashmina silk, chiffon, crepe and georgette.

Though this collection was ensembled to satisfy her creativity and for personal use, I want to express my appreciation and pride for her talent. She put this together almost effortlessly and in very limited time and money.


  1. It really is authentic, not only does it look tht way, but also it suggests real hard work and an eye for beauty... And putting it all together really wud make a fantastic ensamble :)