Mother is
Prithvi - all encompassing,
Jal - flowing love,
Agni - ever young, immortal,
Marut - exceptionally beautiful,
Aakash - the basis and essence of everything.

My childhood days were filled with the love and light that every child rightfully deserves from the time she even begins to be a child.
‘Childhood’, the word stirs in me a few feelings, brings to me some moments, a few stories, though mostly incomplete and infinite poetry, thoroughly forgotten, some fairies, some Gods, some magic and my mother.


  1. Nicely written, I simply admire the starting of this wonderful piece...Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Mommy could actually inspire somthing as beautiful as this one... :)

  3. I think with moms its always childhood!! coz on sunday my mom still wakes me up tickling me and making weird songs outta my name, and I m 24, and I LIKE IT!!!!!

    Th best part about the poem u hav written is, it cant be rated.... I cant rate it.. coz its way beyond rating.. I abs dont want to spoil it by jus hitting a "cool" "nice" "interesting" or a "funny"..... They r jus WORDS !! The emotions is the POem :)

  4. gud oneeeeee..........like it...