To Love

Would you choose
To love
Or to
Be loved ?

Would you choose ecstasy and craving
And to hurt and be hurt
Or peace and happiness
And the occasional bliss?

Why is love so terrible,
So grand
It makes commonplace happiness seem
A modest pay when love is your royal coffer – even if you are a prisoner of war.


  1. Is love so terrible?
    Can love not be fun and happiness?
    Or is it only when you are loved that you experience joy (and when you love you experience hurt)?

  2. Of course, it can be. There are different levels of maturity of being in love. At a level, with quite a few people, their beloved is the most special, worthwhile, beautiful creature...maybe unattainable too. On the contrary, the person who loves them is there to make life convenient - because they have declared their love. Isn't accepting a person who loves you while you love someone else, only a make do? Your beloved broke your heart, abandoned you, cheated on you, but what you feel for them is love, where all you feel for the person in love with you is convenience? Even if they are a source of happiness, you long for the other kind of heartbreak and ecstasy. This was just one mood of love. Love is definitely all those things you said and a lot more, Vikram.