Childhood 2

Had read this poem as a part of curriculum in Std 2. It was one of my favourites. I remember reciting it would conjure up images of sweets, cakes and treats and I'd start craving for them!
Miss being a child.
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Walter de la Mare

I know a little cupboard,
With a teeny tiny key,
And there's a jar of Lollypops
For me, me, me.

It has a little shelf, my dear,
As dark, as dark can be,
And there's a dish of Banbury Cakes
For me, me, me.

I have a small fat grandmamma,
With a very slippery knees,
And she's Keeper of the Cupboard,
With the key, key, key.

And when I'm very good, my dear,
As good as good can be,
There's Banbury Cakes, and Lollypops
For me, me, me.


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  2. Even i remember reciting this poem with a longing for the lollypops and the Banbury Cakes...:D

  3. I never really had th pleasure of banbury cakes or lollypops, but i ha fun reciting the poem, esp th part, "Me me me", where i used to stamp my feet on the ground and yell, "ME ME ME" :P :P

  4. I can give up all the pleasures of life to go back to those days ..childhood truly is the greatest phase in life.No race for survival,no unhealthy competition,no tricks n politics in relationships...all we worried was a place in the swing during recess and the best seat in class after vacations !!