a question.
               not                It
             is                       is a
           It                          way
                            it -



  1. We have really stopped asking 'why'....It was a horrendous thing to happen. Hope those who lost their lives RIP

  2. Well expressed question that each time remains unanswered.

  3. you know, Shivani..the problem is that we've stopped asking the question! The Why has become our way of lives. We say Why with acceptance. And I seriously don't know, WHY AGAIN for that matter WHY AT ALL? And WHY are we being forced to say RIP? When they should have been running, laughing, fighting, winning, loosing...WHY not LIVE IN PEACE?

  4. As a percentage of human population, far fewer people are getting killed in this century than perhaps any other century since Christ. Isn't the world a better place than ever was. How's that? Callous but another perspective.

  5. Valid perspective. but it's not about the number of ppl dying - it's about the way ppl are dying, the way noone is safe anywhere. human history is a blood stained affair but that should not make this acceptable. this can't be consolation to ppl who were just hangin out wit friends for a cup of coffee..or to their loved ones. plus we're supposed to get more civilized wit each passing century.

  6. Nothing is permanent in life only changes are constant ...we need to accept the fact ..and circumstances that is been offer .. the dying of people remains the same from century to century ..you say either by the way for Kingdom's war or country's war or a terror attack ... if there is day there has to be night ...if there is head wuold have tail ...same way ..if there a good people on the earth ...bad too exits... but I agree to Smita that we need to be more civilized understand our duties perform the same at each level .. may be punching a person who is spitting on the road if not stopped today..same will continue ..from generation to generation ...

    The question why still remains unanswered...