New Year Wishes and Season's Greetings etc.

Wow, we glide into yet another year! Two thousand ten AD. Have been thinking hard, trying to make meaningful and noble new year resolutions etc...phew. Didn't work. So thought of taking a bird's eye view at the year that went by.

Economically India saw good industrial growth and a stabler stock market and real estate sector though inflation continued to rise. As a pleasant surprise, the GDP of Bihar was over 11%, only a tad behid that of Gujrat! Some companies began hiring too as Times Ascent lost it waif-like appearance. A positive trend was clearly established by December 2009.

Barack Obama's victory in the US President election marked a huge paradigm shift in world politics as the first African American entered the White House. In another historic political event, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Iceland, becoming the world's first openly lesbian head of government.
Indian politics saw general elections being held in April and May. Congress remained in power as Manmohan Singh retained the PM office and Sonia Gandhi continued to be the most powerful Indian woman.

Indian sports entered a new era as the Indian Cricket team bagged the first rank in Tests and the second rank in ODIs. Saina Nehwal was awarded the sports person on the year, which I feel was long overdue. She has been ranked 6 by the World Badminton Federation.

Entertainment and Indian film wise, 2009 looked like a drag. There were few good grossers like Love Aaj Kal, Wake Up Sid and Paa. However, it ended with a bang as 3 idiots set the screen on fire and broke all records! Internationally, there were some great movies like The Reader, Fast and Furious 4, Angels and Demons, 2012 and Inglorious Bastards among others. Fantasy films like Harry Potter 5, Twilight and New Moon made spectacular business. Also, the 3D trend was marked firmly throughout the year with animation films like Up, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and G-Force; but Avatar took world cinema into an altogether new dimension, quite literally.

Apart from this, we mourned the loss of Michael Jackson just before he was about to start a world tour, This is it. He passed away in June.
In December, we lost Dilip Chitre, Indian poet, artist and film maker. He was suffering from cancer.

Lots of other things happened, some memorable and significant, others not so much. Now let's wait and watch what 2010 has in store.

As I, with my sister and friends welcomed the New Year with a lavish buffet spread at the Coffee House, O Hotel, we hoped that 2010 brings good surprises and lots of cherishable moments for all of us.

Wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2010!


  1. Wishing you a very happy twenty ten... a lot happend in 2009, some good some bad.. and talking of bad, we also lost on Britanny murphy in a cardiac arrest :( RIP !! Plus A.R Rehman won us an oscar, a step up for India :)

  2. Thanks Charvee for the input and wishes :)
    (I'm mortified I forgot to mention Rehman. Sorry everyone)

  3. :) We also lost on Asheem, Lead voice of the Band, Indian Ocean, RIP !!! Twenty Ten again!!! :) :) (dont kill me!!!)

  4. hehe ...nope...in fact thanks again for the input..

  5. Not giving inputs...but didnt know abt the PM of iceland...but anyway...2009...sums up that..ALL IS WELL!!

  6. Hi Shaily
    Happy New Year.The piece written by u is very informative.I happened to watch 3Idiots.The movie is really wonderful.Amir is at his best.No wonder it has crossed the records of Sholay also.
    To me the blog is quite appealing,it gave alot of information which I was not aware of.Keep on enlightening us.

  7. This article is wonderful combination
    of creativity n interesting writing. Keep it up.

  8. This article is wonderful combination
    of creativity n interesting information. Keep it up.