May the poem never end

Will the Poem End?
-Dilip Chitre

Will the poem end where
Barbed letters stare their black spells
Aimed at my eyes
Blood turns into tears shed by
An absent eye
And the admonition:
"Thou shalt not love this world
And sleep with thy enemy."

Will the poem end when
All his light is spent
And to a standstill, to a standstill come
All heartbeats and all drums
The cosmic drone
Buzzes back into life
Looking for its beginning.

Veteran poet, filmmaker, musician and artist Dilip Chitre passes away. He was suffering from cancer for the past few years.
His contribution to post independent Indian literature has been immense. His translations of Tukaram's work into English have been a celebration of the saint and Indian literature alike.
He is well known for his films, Vijeta and Ardha Satya with Govind Nihalani.
He has written numerous poems, Marathi and English and is the author of a good many anthologies.
There have been numerous exhibitions of his paintings.
He was a rare individual whose presence and creations touched so many facets of the world and its people. His contribution to the arts is all encompassing and can never be forgotten.
We'll miss him.
May the poem never end.

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  1. Very nice one...
    the tone of the poem may change from time to time, but the poem continues till life ends. At times we may think that it has ended, but it begins again with a new chapter.