If Only Love Was Real...

The little red star.

A little red star tore out of the sky one day. It fell into the silver river of moonbeams. The silver moonbeam river carried the little red star over hills and plains, across mountains and rivers, above oceans and lakes. Then it entered the enchanted woods where fairies lived- tiny little fairies, with tiny little wings and tinier crowns to decorate their pretty heads.
The fairies were frolicking and bathing in the silver river that came from the moon. And along with the moonbeams came the little red star and “Splash!” it fell among the fairies. The sudden splash of moonbeams scared the fairies as they hurried out of the silver river. The tiny little fairies with tiny little wings and tinier crowns to decorate their pretty heads looked fearfully at the place where the little red star had fallen. Then the tiniest fairy crawled toward the river on two little palms two little knees with her two little wings folded neatly behind. She dipped one little hand into the silver waves and pulled out the little red star. As she held the little red star, it glowed with all its might. It glowed like there’s never going to be darkness again. It glowed with the innocence of a child’s radiant smile. And as the fairy held it, she glowed. She glowed like a jewel encrusted in the silver moonbeam lit forest. Then she asked, “Who are you?” the little red star replied, “A Dream. I was born out of his love for her and that is why I came.”

The tiny little fairy clutched the little red star in her tiny little fist and flew off with her tiny little wings. That night she came to me and put the little red star into my sleeping eyes. The next day you said, “I love you. Will you marry me?”


  1. O my god!! well, i loved this one thw most.a good book or a writer is the one who takes the reader to a different thru their writings.. and wen iw as reading i was actually having the tiny little fairies with their tiny little wings and a tinier crown to decorate their pretty heads..
    But the last para stole th show...
    I felt as if i was in a fairyland!!

  2. Imagination is more important than knowledge!!