Our Traditions

Our lives are connected to the immutable life force that is physical and spiritual, tangible and invisible – an inner force of nature that stretches beyond the mortal coil of living into infinite celestial space. I believe that the present state of chaos and restlessness in the world within and without has its roots in our relationship to the ancestors. Vedic tradition, like many other native cultures, informs us that the ancestors play a significant role in our daily lives. They have a vital connection with the world of the living since their subtle energy intimately presents itself to guide, inspire and safeguard our progress and well-being on earth.
There are certain concepts that are part and parcel of the teachings of our culture, which is essentially an all-embracing approach to life. One of these key concepts is that the world is made of consciousness. In Physics, they speak of potential and kinetic energy. If the potential energy isn’t present, let’s say for a pendulum at the top of its swing, there won’t be any kinetic energy of its downward swing. Even at the time when rocks were formed and the planets began to take shape, consciousness had to exist as a potential. If it had not been there, lots of things wouldn’t be around and I wouldn’t write and you wouldn’t read. There had to be a potential for it from the beginning of time for the universe to produce life, consciousness, and the reality of my writing and you reading.
With too much emphasis on technology, we are losing our appreciation of intuitive consciousness. Wouldn’t we have something substantial to gain if we paused for a while to raise our heads from our heavily laden desks to appreciate the subtle promise of spring in the air or the sound of a flowing river? It would tell us the importance of existing, living and make us realize what we could have been and what we really are without and with consciousness.

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